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Seems that just when I thought I’d beaten this affliction that’s been bugging me for the past 2 weeks now, it just comes back even stronger.

Here is a story about Amy Lee…

Amy Lee is a cold-hearted bitch and she doesn’t deserve your money. It seems after she obtained wealth and glory, she became a ‘diva’ and started acting all ‘holier then thou’ with the very fans who made her what she is. Since turning the ‘official’ Evanescence forums into a pay-for-access-only fan forums (you can’t post *anything* or view half the board without paying), other fans had to get together and make their own boards. One such forum (which shall not be mentioned) encountered very blatent diva-esque attitude and hostility from Amy Lee after asking for some support in helping the forums not crumble under the hosting costs (which had been borne solely by the admin of the forums for well over a year).

Like most celebrities, Amy Lee doesn’t want to give money to anyone unless it affects her somehow (her bro had epilepsy, the only reason she gives a damn about that cause). Rather then simply politely refuse a request for monetary support for a fansite, she went so far as to be so vicious in her comments that it turned me off of Evanescence for good once I read it.

I wish I could find the link to the post itself but it seems a new admin has since taken over that forum and the post that *was* posted was removed, presumably so people wouldn’t find out just how much of a blatent bitch Ms. Amy Lee is. I know she’s married, and I feel nothing but sympathy for her husband, I do. Though what a way for her to stick to tradition by changing her last name, eh?

And the music? Evanescence’s music has steadily gone downhill after ‘Fallen’, though some may disagree. After having to deal with too many CDs that always have to include one or two really horrible songs along with the rest of the great ones, I’ll just stick with streaming it for now. I will refuse to support artists or their record labels if they want to act like a diva. I’ll vote with my money, and that money goes to much better things then buying someone like Ms. Amy Lee another diamond-encrusted iPhone or whatever.

At the least, despite how many haters want to call the group ‘Linkin Park’ just an ’emo-rock’ band or whatever, they at least know how to help others. They were one of the most generous and vocal supporters of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Where the hell was Amy Lee, or half the richest people in the world? Nowhere to be found.

I really wish nothing but pain, suffering, and misery to anyone making more then $100K/year (or equivalent via commission or otherwise) who doesn’t donate at least 10% of their net income to charity. Selfishness is a bitch, and so is karma.


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