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SecuROM is horrid.
SafeDisc is ridiculous.
DRM in general is killing the gaming industry slowly, and it really has to stop.

Grand Theft Auto 4? Skipped…
Spore? I skipped it cause of EA’s ridiculous DRM.
Bioshock? Ditto.
And now there’s the game Dragon Age: Origins by BIOWARE, of all people. I really can’t believe they decided to let EA publish their game. ANY publisher would’ve gotten the game out and it would’ve sold like hotcakes. But nope…same old EA.

I think that I could miss out on Bioshock without too much hassle (basically watched all the in-game movies via YouTube) but I do feel I missed out on that experience. But DA:O seems to be the type of game that really would appeal to me even moreso then other RPGs. A very visceral and mature storyline, no holding back…even the legendary ‘brothel’ that was taken out of ‘Temple of Elemental Evil’ makes its way into this game, in 3D no less! Goodness knows that any implied bestiality, even jokingly, will make the evening news and send everyone into a frenzy by calling for boycotts and bannings. Ah well, it worked for RockStar, did it not?

It seems developers feel that PC games will be heavily pirated unless they use DRM. The problem is that DRM is easily bypassed within hours, if not days, or even a week. Anyone with drive and determination can bypass DRM because (at least in the USA) we are exercising our consumer right to create a ‘backup’ copy of any digital or electronic software/games that we purchase. This right was given to us by Section 117 of the US Copyright Act. Even the official copyright office itself agrees with this sentiment. The DMCA is a joke and never should’ve been passed. But then again money makes the world go round, and our oh-so-helpful law-making Congress is all to eager to be bought out by the corporate whores of the RIAA and the MPAA, among others.

I guess I’ll have to skip out on buying any PC games for the forseeable future. I’m done with it. Pirating may be an option but only after I’ve exhausted my current extensive collection of PC and PS2 games. Hopefully by the time that comes around, we’ll have one of two types of futures here. Either we’ll be living out Orwell’s ‘1984’ in a dystopian future with a totalitarian regime and nobody will have any freedoms anymore, or everything will have gone out of copyright by that time (or the copyright law will be finally reduced to something reasonable). I’ve never understood the excessively lengthy copyright terms in this day and age. I mean come on, 70+ years PLUS the life of the author? And then if they sign over copyright to a company, then the copyright exists as long as that company is still in business? And even when the company goes bankrupt it can sell its copyright assets to another company or person who may then ‘renew’ the copyright, and so on and so on.

Copyright has become endless. The only stuff in the public domain now is either things released to public domain by their creators or works created by the US Government that have not been classified. A copyright was intended to be a limited monopoly, and to have the works eventually pass into public domain to benefit *everyone* rather then be exclusively hoarded like pirate booty. Ironic, isn’t it? The copyright holders themselves are like the pirates of yore, who ‘discover’ a treasure (in the form of something profitable) and then secure it at all costs against anyone attempting to take it away from them, regardless of the passage of time.

You must ask yourself whether you really care about movies/music/games/etc (aka ‘entertainment media’) made more then five years ago. Five years is a terribly long time in and of itself but it is quite reasonable given the rapid pace at which entertainment media fluctuates and changes based upon the moods and tastes of society. At the local dollar store I noticed they were selling $5 CDs (yeah, despite it being a dollar store) that contained about 10 or so tracks by various classical composers. Classical music in its entirety has been declared out of copyright for quite some time, and yet here are some companies that capitalize on it and profit from it regardless of that. Its pure profit since the cost of mass-producing the CDs and the artwork and CD covers is negligible (maybe $1 at the MOST). So 80% of the money they make is pure profit, from artists long since deceased.

Classical music has had a profound and lasting impact on American society, as well as the society of many other cultures. But if our existing copyright law had been in effect at that point in time, then we would’ve never benefitted from their copyright expiring.

Copyright has become a ‘Copywrong’ instead. Its completely absurd in its current form and must be amended to something reasonable. Its time to take action before things get worse. Stand up and declare that you will NOT purchase any games that have DRM, you will not purchase anything made/distributed by Sony (whose president very clearly was quoted as saying that “people don’t know what rootkits are, so why should they care?”), that you will stand up and fight back against corporate whoring and greed. If you don’t do it, not only will all consumers suffer but the next generation will have to endure this crap as well.

When you’re on Social Security and depending on us to provide for you, don’t be surprised if we don’t oblige or if we throw you to the wolves instead. Consider it poetic justice for the selfishness of your generation toward the new generation. Act now and preserve not only the future of the new generation, but yours as well.


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