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I’m in a ‘transition’ period here where I plan to stay in my house up until the actual date that they give me no other choice but to leave.
I was looking on craigslist and trying to figure out if I could find a ‘cheap’ place to stay. The result? Roach-infested stinkpiles of shit…ugh.
No thanks, I’d rather stay just 60 days somewhere decent until I get on my feet, then move somewhere decent.

Craigslist is really one of those things that makes you wonder why people still use it, but then again its completely free. Now if only Google could index it and allow people to do custom searches that much easier.

I decided against a military career at this time, instead opting to pursue a career as a financial services advisor. I estimate I can get everything ready to go and be licensed and everything within 60 days at the most. However due to my current living situation, I have at most 30 days from the date that I receive my eviction notice to pack up and GTFO, so to speak.

Times are rough and many people have financial troubles. The crazy thing is that often we end up being our own worst enemy.


Tech Tip for today:
When choosing a music player, try to find one that plays OGG files in addition to MP3 files. You never know just what crazy crap that the industry may pull to make MP3 more and more painful to use in the future.
CNET has some nice reviews on MP3 players but don’t neglect a simple Google or even ebay search for that player that just so happens to have a ton of useful things and be priced under $50.


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