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Hello everyone!

Greets to all my readers, both old and new. Since posting the Adobe GetPlusPlus Spyware story, I’ve gotten a nice little jump in traffic. Many thanks to ‘SV’ of ‘Staying Cool’.

So for those who don’t give a damn about my life, something actually useful! I’ll do my best to update at least once a week, or hopefully more often then once a week.

Tech Tip of the Week:
Seriously I cannot stress this enough! Using your computer without having backups of your important files is like putting your most valuable home possessions in the back of an open-bed truck and parking it in a dark alley a few blocks from your house every night. Or leaving your car unlocked while having a GPS visible in the windshield. Or an expensive-looking MP3 players/iPods. Or how about a laptop, hmm?

Without backups, its the same basic thing. You’re just asking for trouble! Even I’ve had to deal with viruses and other crap (though have since not had to deal with it for quite some time) and thankfully I had Avira AntiVir to catch the buggers or I’d be toasted already.

It pays to browse NewEgg and get the cheapest internal SATA hard drive that you can get in the biggest capacity you can afford. Go for the most GB per $. Then get a USB SATA enclosure. While some might say ‘just get an external drive’, I say screw that because not only can you find an internal drive and an enclosure, combined, for cheaper then a comparable external drive, but if worse comes to worse and the drive craps out, its a simple matter of swapping it out for a new one rather then dumping the whole thing (and contributing to environmental waste). Oh, I’ve always found that burning CD-R or CD-RW (or CD+RW) backups are just a waste of time if your data shifts and changes fairly often with you actually USING your computer. Just avoid zip/jzip drives like the plague, even if you see them on super low clearance they are worth NOTHING due to the fact they’ve had major issues. Google ‘zip drive click of death’ to get a glimmer of what I mean.

-So you should have a backup method, either my recommended hard drive w/enclosure or something external you can backup your files onto.
-Google for ‘Windows Ultimate Boot CD’ (hereafter referred to as ‘WUBCD’) and follow the instructions. Then burn a copy of it onto CD or DVD.
-Backup all your files, everything in My Documents, your bookmarks, and whereever else your programs generally keep their files. Put it all on your external storage.
-You want to use the Ultimate Boot CD and use ‘DriveImageXML’ under the Backup Utilities menu to make an image of everything you have currently.

That’s the gist of it, the rest can be saved for next time.


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