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Invest in a UPS.
I personally use the Geek Squad 1285VA and it has woked well for me, especially the concept of hot-swappable batteries to make it not become a very heavy paperweight in the future.

This one is a simple tech tip that doesn’t require any special setup and can be done with minimal time and effort. Most UPS power supplies will have software for additonal features, but I rarely find that such features are worth having yet more stuff installed on a computer. Its more of a personal preference though, but for those who just wanna get up and running, know that the specific UPS I linked above has very quick setup in that you just plug everything into it, plug the UPS itself into the wall (directly into the wall not into a surge protector) and then turn it on and everything should be working fine.

There is a caveat though, due to the configuration of the outlets if you happen to have some of the newer adapters that are designed for wall outlets, you may end up blocking more then one outlet if you have to plug them in. In this case you may have to weigh what items you want to always have plugged in with battery backup and which ones you can get by with just surge protection.

I recently had moved and my new place seems to have somewhat unstable electricity that randomly fluctuates at least once a day around noon-ish. Having a UPS has been invaluable and more then worth its weight in gold. The prices may put off some people, but you can either buy stuff now or wait until the after-christmas clearance that they have for all the crap that got returned. Its your gamble.

Good luck, and protect your electronics!


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